http://thegreentechproject.com/23-cat/casino_50.html Kimmswick Historical Society


günter lamprecht flüchtige bekanntschaften The Kimmswick Historical Society was founded January 3, 1977 with the goal to develop a planned program of educational and scientific study, protection, preservation, restoration and interpretation of sites and objects significant to our local, state and national culture.

http://www.creedonlake.com/15-cat/dating_38.html To further this goal, the KHS encourages private owners to appreciate their historic treasures and help them to preserve and restore these important features in our historic heritage; collects and preserves in safe-keeping any and all articles and data of historical interest connected specifically with the City of Kimmswick or related to it; and encourages the protection and preservation of historical sites, especially those related to the history of the City Kimmswick.

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