Luciana Gladney Ross

Without the intervention of Luciana Gladney Ross in the 1970’s, it is doubtful that Kimmswick would be the city it is today.

As a child, Mrs. Ross and her family had a summer home in Kimmswick.  People came by train and riverboat to enjoy the many amenities of the popular little town and Montasano Amusement Park.  However, as often happens with progress like the automobile and superhighways, riverboats and trains stop coming and small towns are forgotten.  When Mrs. visited Kimmswick in the 1970’s and witnessed the decline and destruction that had taken place, she made it her mission to restore and revitalize the town.


Through the generosity of Mrs. Ross and her estate, the Kimmswick Historical Society has been able to acquire, restore, and maintain several structures in Kimmswick, and we will be forever grateful for the support she gave us.



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